New SPECCHIO Version featuring Spatial Extension

A preview of the version is available as SPECCHIO VM download (SPECCHIO VM Download).

- Add points, polylines on polygons as spatial metadata
- Search by polygons

See also spatial programming examples: Matlab Programming Course Material

New SPECCHIO Web Interface

Brand new interface to the V3 productive database: SPECCHIO Web Interface

New SPECCHIO Client version available for download

For a full list of added features and bugfixes see the release notes: SPECCHIO ReleaseNotes V3.2.1.2

Fully unlock the SPECCHIO System on your own machine:
SPECCHIO Virtual Machine available for download!

The SPECCHIO VM is a virtual Linux server (CentOS) that comes preinstalled with the full SPECCHIO V3.2.0 server and client.
It can be run on any machine using Oracle Virtualbox.
Download it from here: SPECCHIO VM Download

SPECCHIO VM Screenshot:
SPECCHIO VM running in Virtualbox on MacOS X Yosemite:


New SPECCHIO User Guide is ready for download

Download it from here: User Guide Download

This update is including addons of the latest version and has been restructured for better reading.


New SPECCHIO Server and Client Version: Please update your client!

The server is now running SPECCHIO Version 3.1.4.

Please upgrade your client by downloading the latest client installation package: App Download

This update is adding runtime stability and improving on a few other issues:
  • Bugfix for Date/Time issues when switching your computer time zone (Using Joda Time Classes)
  • Loading and query speed updates
  • Bugfix for database statement memory leaks causing the server to hang.
  • PP Systems loader upgrade to catch more file errors.
  • Stability bugfixes and other tweaks, for details see the github logs.


New SPECCHIO GitHub Repository

We have moved the most recent code from the Intersect DC-10 project to a new GitHub repository: SPECCHIO GitHub Page

This allows non Intersect developers to easily work on the code.


SPECCHIO Matlab Access

Recent tests have shown that in some instances the definition of the SPECCHIO Java jar file classpath in the static classpath.txt file will not work.
This is maybe connected with specific Matlab releases (R 2012) or with the user rights of that installation.

The issue can be resolved by using the dynamic classpath; for details see the updated SPECCHIO Matlab Guide.


SPECCHIO V3.1.3 Application

A new version of the client is downloadble and the server end has also been upgraded.

Major changes:
- Better error messages during file loading to identify the underlying server error
- Bug fix for APOGEE TRM files that caused the loading to stall
- Bug fix for the ASD file loader to circumvent the unknown instrument type issue
- Support to have annotations of images
- Fix of a cardinality issue in the metadata editor
- Bug fix for the time shifting
- Updates that allow the SpectralFile class to be used from e.g. Matlab to store new spectra in SPECCHIO
- Bug fix on the server side that caused server resources to be blocked, resulting in server errors during data loading


SPECCHIO V3 Java API is online

The API covering the major classes of the SPECCHIO V3 Java application is now online: SPECCHIO V3 API.


SPECCHIO - Matlab Sandbox

I've created a new Matlab code that implements an interactive sandbox.
This should make it easy for all Matlab users wanting to connect to SPECCHIO to write their own GUIs.

The source code is available on the Matlab file exchange:

SPECCHIO Matlab Sandbox GUI


Speeding up SPECCHIO server access

Based on trials carried out during our IGARSS tutorial session, we figure that using a non-encrypted connection greatly improves the speed.

To do this, open the db_config.txt file in a text editor and copy and change the existing https entries you want to use to http and port 8080, e.g.:
(For more details on how to do this see also the SPECCHIO Matlab guide section "2.1.2 Account Configuration": SPECCHIO_Matlab_Guide_V3.1.0)

# Database connections
# Attention: be careful to keep this file local if you specify your password! #
# Order of fields: protocol, server, port, path, user_name, password
# Note: apart from the server name, any of the fields can be left blank
https, v473.vanager.de, 443, /specchio_service, AHueni, XXXXXXXX, jdbc/specchio_test
http, v473.vanager.de, 8080, /specchio_service, AHueni, XXXXXXXX, jdbc/specchio_test


New SPECCHIO Guides for Matlab and R

The new R and Matlab guides to interact with SPECCHIO V3.1 can be found here:

SPECCHIO_Matlab_Guide_V3.1.0 (06.07.2014)

SPECCHIO_R_Guide_V3.1.0 (06.07.2014)


New SPECCHIO App Version (V3.1.2) available

V3.1.2 adds new features:
- Support for new ASD Handheld binary files that hold a yet unknown instrument type number
- Menu item to edit the database configuration file in a text editor
- Automatic login when creating a new account


New SPECCHIO App Version (V3.1.1) and V3.1 Tutorial are available

V3.1.1 fixes a number of bugs and adds new features:
- metaparameter cardinalities are now supported by the Metadata Editor
- UTC timeshift bugfix
- RSL FIGOS/LAGOS angular calculation bugfix

There is now also an up to date tutorial available for V3.1: SPECCHIO_Tutorial_3.1.pdf


Online SPECCHIO V3.1 now on HTTPS port 443

HTTPS communication with the online server is now using port 443 to avoid firewall problems.
This overrides the default Glassfish port of 8181.


SPECCHIO V3.1 MacOS Application Package

SPECCHIO V3.1 is now also available packaged as MacOS X application. Keep it in the dock and get regular Apple menus.


SPECCHIO V3 Servers are online

SPECCHIO V3 is now online with an operational and a test server available for trying the new version!
This constitutes the biggest update since V2 was released a few years back.
We now base on a web service architecture and feature a new, flexible metadata storage system.
Additionally, we support more sensors and have added automatic instrument wavelength calibration data storage.
For a full list please refer to the new user guide.

Creation of user accounts is now done directly in the client app; see the release notes for details (included in the V3.1 package).

Note that data from the V2 servers will be migrated in the near future.
In the meantime please keep using the V2.2.2 application to access the V2 databases.



Yay, we got now a twitter page to push information easier and more frequently!


Online Spectral Database Access - COST Action ES0903 Project

Get a glimpse of the future!
This exciting development sponsored through EuroSpec COST Action ES0903 allows the interactive data access and exploration of information served by a SPECCHIO system.
We have now moved to a new server and upgraded the system to SPECCHIO V3!
To see a beta version browse to SPECCHIO Web App.


SPECCHIO Developments: Spectral Database for Australia

We are currently working on a major upgrade of the SPECCHIO system in the framework of ANDS (Australian National Data Service).
The new version is expected to be available by mid of 2013.
For more information please see the ANDS project page and the Intersect page.


SPECCHIO V2.2.2 BETA is available

This is another major system upgrade, including the following new features:
- SPECPR file Loader
- Increased data browsing speed
- Finer control of space splitting for file export and plotting from the Hierarchy Browser / Query Builder
- Much faster space building and hence great speed up of the space network processing
- API enhancement for faster metadata extraction within Matlab

Note: this is a Beta release; please send any problems or error reports to admin@specchio.ch

SPECCHIO V2.2.0 local installation package is available

Users wanting to install a local version of SPECCHIO can now request V2.2.0 of the SPECCHIO administrator package by sending an email to admin@specchio.ch.
For details on the installation procedure please see: SPECCHIO AdminGuide_V2.2.pdf
Note that existing local installations are easily be upgraded by using the DB Upgrade function in the SPECCHIO Java application.

Version 2.2.0 of SPECCHIO is finally available!

This is a major system upgrade, bringing a suite of new features:
- Flexible metadata storage approach, allowing quick adaption to new data fields within input files
- Specialised file readers for data provided by the Finnish Geodetic Institute
- Data Loader for new ASD binary file format
- Enhanced metadata searches (temporal dimension restriction, filenames & generic metadata)
- Greatly enhanced support of direct data access from Matlab
- Connection to databases via SSH
- Date and time selection via GUI in Metadata Editor
- Significant Spectral Data Browser speedup
- Update on target to reference linking for more speed and flexibility
- Definition of beam geometries according to Schaepman-Strub et al. (2006)

Figure: The nine beam geometry cases
Source: Schaepman-Strub, G., M. Schaepman, et al. (2006). "Reflectance quantities in optical remote sensing - definitions and case studies." Remote Sensing of Environment 103: 27-42.

29.04.2011 New: Hemispherical Snow Dataset is uploaded!
Over 6500 spectra with rich metadata.
Campaign: Goniometer Snow 2008

An extensive hemispherical snow dataset acquired in 2008 during a joint RSL and SLF campaign is now accessible for the remote sensing community.

To explore the dataset, either use SPECCHIO's built in Hemispherical data viewer or download the Hemviewer Matlab tool developed by S. Rey during his MSc thesis:

SPECCHIO interactive Hemispherical data explorer

Hemviewer interactive Matlab GUI, allowing the exploration of both reflected and incoming angular radiance distributions

28.03.2011 Access SPECCHIO from Matlab!

SPECCHIO is now updated to allow the easy loading of spectral data from the database into Matlab.

27.02.2011 The download links for User Guides, Application and Tutorial Data are now working again.

Thank you for your understanding.
03.11.2010 Release of SPECCHIO_App_V2.1.1.zip

New Features:
- Preliminary support for SpectraSuite Data Files
- Increased number of decimals in CSV file output

Bugfixes for:
- Bugfix for space splitting in Query Browser
- Bugfix for campaign restriction in Query Browser
25.09.2010 Release of SPECCHIO_App_V2.1c.zip

New Features:
- Added button for direct spectral plot from Query Browser
- Selection of space splitting approach in Query Browser
- Added filename wildcard field in Query Browser
- Progress info and multithreading for Data Remover

Bugfixes for:
- Reading of SVC HR-1024 files that were acquired in radiance mode (no white reference taken)
- Java heap space errors: memory leak fixes in space network processor
11.09.2010 Release of SPECCHIO_App_V2.1b.zip

Bugfixes for:
- SVC HR-1024 files when no GPS data are available.
- Displaying spectra in the Metadata Editor/Query Browser when no instrument calibration data are available.
02.09.2010 SPECCHIO has been upgraded to Version 2.1!
Main changes:
- Instrument settings support
- Associated measurements support
- Support of the SVC-HR1024 instrument: automated storage of reference and target radiances plus target reflectances.

- Preliminary support of Apogee instruments
- Wavelength calibration definition for instruments (e.g. SVC-HR1024)

- Time selection for file output now works from the space network processor
- Config file reading routine more robust
25.08.2010 Added a guestbook facility to this webpage to allow the easy submission of comments on SPECCHIO, powerered by YASP: SPECCHIO Guestbook
13.04.2010 a) A new campaign holding goniometer data acquired with the RSL's FIGOS/LAGOS has been uploaded to the productive (specchio) instance.

b) I cleaned out the productive system, removing all those tests that do NOT belong on the productive system. Please use the specchio_test instance for your trials!
07.12.2009 SPECCHIO will be presented to the EUFAR Soil Spectroscopy Group, 15-16 April 2010 in GFZ Potsdam (see flyer)
07.12.2009 A keynote on spectral databases and SPECCHIO was held at a spectral workshop in Madrid: (webpage)
07.07.2009 Version 2.0c of SPECCHIO is now available for download. This fixes the copy/paste problem for numeric fields in the Metadata Editor.
4.04.2009 Want to get a first hand experience on SPECCHIO in a tutorial session?
Sign up for the SPECCHIO tutorial at the IGARSS 09 in Capetown!
For more information see: SPECCHIO Tutorial, Sunday 12 July, 13:30 - 17:30.
26.03.2009 Version 2.0a of SPECCHIO is now available for download. This fixes a ENVI spectral library loading problem.
For more information refer to the ENVI SLB section in the user guide.
Furthermore, a message is shown if data files are not recognised.
13.03.2009 The SPECCHIO online databases are now upgraded to V2.0.
Note that you will need the new SPECCHIO V2.0 Application to access the upgraded databases!

Version 2 brings new exciting features to your desktop:
- Interactive, configurable data processing and exploration
- Handling of reference panels and their calibration factors
- Partial database import/export functionality

For more information, kindly refer to the updated SPECCHIO user guide.
12.03.2009 Uploaded the new V2.0 User Guide and SPECCHIO V2.0 Application.
The SPECCHIO online databases will be upgraded tomorrow, 13.03.2009.
Note that you will need the new SPECCHIO V2.0 Application to access to upgraded database!
25.01.2009 We are currently working on version 2.0 of SPECCHIO, which will included a flexible, modular spectral data processing feature and various updates to the data model.
The new version will be presented to the scientific community during the upcoming EARSeL SIG IS Workshop in Tel Aviv (16th-19th Mar. 09).
Come along and talk to us!
26.09.2008 Version 1.3c of SPECCHIO is now available for download.
(a) a switch in the Query Browser that lets you restrict the data to your own data only,
(b) Data Browser in the Metadata Editor is now contained in a scroll pane and thus also displays correctly on small screens.
28.07.2008 Version 1.3a of SPECCHIO is now available for download. This fixes a missing library bug in the export functionality that stalled the export in V1.3.
15.06.2008 Version 1.3 of SPECCHIO is now available for download. This version includes now a campaign import function for non-redundant data transfers between SPECCHIO databases via xml files. Minor bugfix for datalink updates. Added the file comment field to the spectrum report. The user guide has been updated accordingly.
03.06.2008 Version 1.2 of SPECCHIO is now available for download. Main changes are (a) greatly improved metadata group updates (speed and consistency), (b) intelligent shared metadata update and delete operations and (c) easy access to sun and goniometer angle calculations, both now being aware of shared metadata updates. The user guide has been updated accordingly.
11.03.2008 SpectraProc has been added to the list of other spectral databases. SpectraProc is a system for storing, processing and analysing ASD spectroradiometer data. For more information visit the SpectraProc page: SpectraProc web page