Supported Spectral File Formats

This page lists all spectral file formats currently supported by the SPECCHIO file readers.

File Format Devices / Systems Supported Formats Comments Example
Analytical Spectral Devices ASD FieldSpecPro/FS3/FS4 spectroradiometers Old ASD file format - ASD FS3, ASD FS PRO and ASD FSVNIR binary files ASD Calibration files (*.ILL, *.REF, *.RAW) as stored on ASD laptops can also be loaded using SPECCHIO's Spectrum load functions. This permits advanced users to explore the information content of the Calibrations they describe. DC.013
Analytical Spectral Devices ASD FS4 and ASD spectroradiometers upgraded to newer software versions. Indico Pro Software. New ASD file format - Indico Version 7 and higher test00000.asd
Apogee TBD Apogee text files with TRM file extension The SPECCHIO Apogee file loader was added to SPECCHIO on a user request. That is the only Apogee file example that has been available for testing. Therefore, this file reader has not been well tested. It is provided 'as is' and should be used with caution. p5_2.TRM
Bruker Bruker FTIR Bruker FTIR text files with dpt extension TB0106.0.dpt
Exelis Visual Information Systems ENVI Spectral Library ENVI Spectral library files (SLB and SLI) SLB_SampleSpectra
FGI proprietary HDF5 format ASD in combination with the FIGIFIGO goniometer HDF5 files and XML files Containing measurement data from FGI (Finish Geodetic Institute)
Microsoft Excel XLS files only
CSV and XLSX etc are not supported (CSV files may be erroneously read as Ocean Optics SpectraSuite Data Files)
The first column of the Excel file must contain the Wavelength values in increasing order, with a heading in the first row. Each of the second and subsequent columns contains the data for a single Spectrum. The first row is the name of the Spectrum. Subsequent rows in the column contain the Spectrum values for the wavelengths specified in the first column. bfern.xls
MFR MFR Sun Photometer MFR Photometer OUT files, MFR 7 These files contain the capture time, the sun zenith angle and the Spectral data for total, diffuse and direct irradiance. The sun angle and the direct irradiance data are discarded and only the total and diffuse Spectra are stored. 30082005.OUT
Ocean Optics Ocean Optics Spectra Suite Ocean Optics Spectra Suite text files The required file extension is .csv, although the files are not comma separated. NIR example:

VNIR example:
Ocean Optics Ocean Optics Ocean View Software Ocean Optics Ocean View text files The required file extension is .txt MAYP1114952.txt
PP Systems UniSpec SC UniSpec Single Beam text files SPT file extension PC01.SPT
PP Systems UniSpec DC UniSpec Dual Beam text files SPU file extension m09998.spu
Solar Systems Microtops Sun Photometer Microtops text output files (TXT file extension) When read, three sub-folders named AOT, Spectrum and Spectrum StdDev are created. The input file name is used as the name of the Spectrum's name in the generated sub-folders. Each spectrum is augmented with its spatial position, sun zenith angle, air pressure and estimated atmospheric water content. MT_Majadas20150327.TXT
Spectra Vista Corporation GER 3700 GER 3700 signature text files (Files produced by other GER instruments are untested) GR083005.082
Spectra Vista Corporation SVC HR-1024
SVC HR-1024i
SVC HR-1024 files captured using a PDA Files acquired with a laptop are a different file format and are not recognised by the current file loading routine.
The acquisition time may be wrongly read as it appears that the date format depends on the settings of the computer used to operate the SVC.
File without GPS data: HR.071710.0009.sig

File with GPS data: HR.080910.0010.sig
Spectral Evolution Spectral Evolution Instruments Spectral Evolution text files sed file extension 1146003_00020.sed
Spectral Sciences Inc. and U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Modtran5 atmospheric radiative transfer model software Modtran Albedo files More information can be found on the Modtran web site at spec_alb_APEX_OSD.dat
Text File IDL (Interactive Data Language) or ENVI text file output White space separated text files (as produced by IDL programs or ENVI when writing Spectral data to text files) Each file can hold one or more Spectra.
Values in each line are white space separated. Tabs are OK.
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SPECPR file format specification