SPECCHIO Programming Course - Promoted by COST OPTIMISE Workshop WG1

SPECCHIO Programming Course Material is provided via the links below.

Presentation: The Spectral Information System SPECCHIO - Architecture and Concepts

Presentation: Matlab accessing SPECCHIO - Now including Spatial Operations

Presentation: R accessing SPECCHIO

Presentation: Python_accessing_SPECCHIO

Input File: spectra.csv

Input File: metadata.csv

Code Examples for Matlab and R: SPECCHIO Interactive Sandbox GUI

Example of a Matlab GUI integrating the Fluspect* model to calculate model inversions from reflectances and transmissions stored in SPECCHIO:

* Vilfan, N., van der Tol, C., Muller, O., Rascher, U. and Verhoef, W. (2016). "Fluspect-B: A model for leaf fluorescence, reflectance and transmittance spectra." Remote Sensing of Environment 186: 596-615.

SPECCHIO Fluspect GUI Matlab Code