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SPECCHIO User and SPECCHIO Matlab & R Guides

The SPECCHIO User Guides are numbered in accordance with the SPECCHIO application versions.
The User Guide contains: installation instructions, technical background information, operating instructions and a tutorial.
Please click on the links hereafter to get the desired version of the User Guide .

The SPECCHIO Matlab and R Guides contain instructions and examples on how to directly access SPECCHIO from Matlab and R.

Newest Version 3.2:

SPECCHIO User Guide V3.2.0 (21.05.2015)

SPECCHIO_Matlab_Guide_V3.1.1 (11.11.2014)

SPECCHIO_R_Guide_V3.1.0 (06.07.2014)

Version 2.2:

SPECCHIO User Guide V2.2.0 (18.05.2012)

SPECCHIO Matlab User Guide V0.2.0 (20.05.2012)

Previous versions:

SPECCHIO Matlab User Guide V0.1 (18.05.2012)
SPECCHIO User Guide V2.1.2 (28.03.2011)
SPECCHIO User Guide V2.1.1 (02.11.2010)
SPECCHIO User Guide V2.1c (25.09.2010)
SPECCHIO User Guide V2.1 (02.09.2010)
SPECCHIO User Guide V2.0c (07.07.2009)
SPECCHIO User Guide V2.0a (26.03.2009)
SPECCHIO User Guide V2.0 (12.03.2009)