SPECCHIO Virtual Machine Download

The SPECCHIO Virtualbox is a complete SPECCHIO server and client installed under a virtual CentOS 6.4 installation using Oracle Virtualbox.

Intended audience:
SPECCHIO users who want to run the full system locally, either on their personal machines or on a server at their own institution and who do not want to go through the hassle of a full system installation themselves.
The SPECCHIO VM can be configured to be accessible from the host system or from external machines as well.

SPECCHIO VM Downloads:
For details on installing and running the VM please see the SPECCHIO_VM.pdf

The VM can be downloaded here (Warning: file size is 2.7GB!): SPECCHIO-

Shell script for SPECCHIO software update (for versions < 3.2.1): update_specchio_web_service.sh

SPECCHIO VM Mailing List:
Want to stay up to date with your SPECCHIO VM installation?
Please send an email to admin@specchio.ch and we'll put you on a sporadic mailing list.

SPECCHIO VM Screenshot:
SPECCHIO VM running in Virtualbox on MacOS X El Capitan: