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Welcome to the SPECCHIO website!

Looking for spectra? Use the SPECCHIO Web Browser Interface!


SPECCHIO is a spectral information system designed to hold reference spectra and spectral campaign data obtained by spectroradiometers. The inclusion of a rich metadata set in the data model ensures the longevity of spectral data and enables the sharing of spectral data between research groups.
Please see SPECCHIO V3 Metadata 2016.01.04.pdf for a list of current metaparameters supported by SPECCHIO V3.

For information on installing Version, see: SPECCHIO ReleaseNotes

SPECCHIO (V3) is based on a Glassfish web service providing access to the SPECCHIO database.
Access is possible in three distinct ways:

Feedback and Questions

We very much appreciate user feedback which you will kindly send to: admin@specchio.ch