On this page you will find all Downloadables from the SPECCHIO project.

SPECCHIO Application Download

The SPECCHIO Application consists of a Java application plus a number of library files.

For MacOS we recommend the specific MacOS installer including the JRE for easiest install: specchio-installer_MacOS.jar.

For generic operating systems we recommend using the multi-platform installer: specchio-installer.jar.

The SPECCHIO client and server binaries are also available as ZIP archives.

Details about the operation of SPECCHIO can be found in the respective User Guides.

SPECCHIO Virtual Machine Download

The SPECCHIO Virtualbox is a complete SPECCHIO server and client installed under a virtual CentOS 7 installation using Oracle Virtualbox.

Please read the SPECCHIO VM guide to learn more about installation and use.

Disclaimer: This VirtualMachine is NOT intended for a production environment.

If you intend to set up a public installation of the SPECCHIO Database, we strongly recommend that you set up a dedicated server with proper security measures in place.

To log into the VM use the following credentials:

username: specchio
password: specchio

Intended audience

SPECCHIO users who want to run the full system locally, either on their personal machines or on a server at their own institution and who do not want to go through the hassle of a full system installation themselves. The SPECCHIO VM can be configured to be accessible from the host system or from external machines as well.

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